Friday, March 11, 2011

"Agile organization" into the land of abundance

Click Technology Tour 2004 held in Chengdu China

November 25, 2004, entitled "Agile Organization Collaborative Management" tour event in Chengdu Holiday Inn Crown Plaza total success.

浼氫笂锛岀帇蹇椾笢鎬昏灏嗗崗鍚岃蒋浠朵笌鏁忔嵎缁勭粐鐨勬渶鏂扮鐞嗙悊璁虹浉缁撳悎锛屽彂琛ㄤ簡棰樹负鈥滄晱鎹风粍缁囥?杞绘澗浣撻獙鈥濈殑涓婚婕旇锛岃鍙備細鍢夊鑰崇洰涓?柊锛岀簿褰╃殑浜у搧婕旂ず鏇寸粰澶у鐣欎笅浜嗘繁鍒荤殑鍗拌薄銆?br />
Click to Chief Technology Officer Mr. Wang Zhidong, Senior Vice President Mr. Feng Peiran, Vice President Mr. Li Manbo attended the meeting. Click the classical client Luzhou information technology minister, Mr. Yi-bin to be congratulated and introduced the use of collaborative software to open the case competition. Click and Technology Chengdu, Sichuan, distributor Luo Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Qiu Xiyu, Intel Partner Manager Mr. Li Liming, Founder and General Manager Mr. Pan Yujia Southwest, attended the meeting and addressed, from the Chengdu and the surrounding areas of government and business representatives More than 200 people attended the meeting.

After a reporter commented that this is held in Chengdu six months of the most successful meeting. A day earlier, Mr. Wang Zhidong was also invited to the famous Sichuan University, had a "business and life," keynote speech, the majority of students welcome.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Should give priority to social identity verification

In recent years, a number of lawless elements in society through forged or altered ID card, fraud and other criminal activities to the state, collective and individual cause great damage. But also as common criminals "business card" of the fake ID has permeated the telecommunications, finance, personnel, transportation, commerce, car rental and many other industries. As the citizen identity information held by public security organs in the hands of the lack of effective means inquiries, social enterprises and personally it is difficult detection of false identity information, making lawless Fenzi to unbridled De fake ID card through criminal activities. The people urgently want to have a simple way to identify true and false identity information.

Ministry of Public Security recently affiliated National Citizen Identity number inquiry service centers have opened throughout the country of citizenship information verification services. It is understood that the present has been opened four verification methods, including for personal verification in three ways, namely, site inspection, verification and WAP SMS verification, the price is 5 yuan / person. Times.

With the identity verification system, people just pick up the phone or the Internet can easily check other information provided by the authenticity of identity, which can effectively eliminate false identity information through illegal and criminal activities from occurring. It should be said, the public security department launched identity verification system for the community organized a large practical.

However, in my opinion, fly in the ointment is 5 dollars / fees are too high for some, and some ridiculous high. Take the SMS verification method, the normal point to point SMS charges not exceeding 0.15 yuan / Article provided by SMS are SP, such as text messaging and interactive media, and the most expensive text message voting is only 1 per / article. SMS verification of identity even price 5 yuan / section, far higher than normal text messaging fees, creating a new record price of text messages.

SMS verification of identity is so high, estimated the following reasons: first, an absolute monopoly of information sources, to fully grasp the hands of the public security department, monopolies inevitably lead to higher prices; second, and verification system is not opened before the parties He walked all the way the road compared to 5 dollars to spend so inexpensive; third may be that compared to other SMS query service, a SMS verification of identity information needs of customer groups is relatively small, and hence the price elasticity is relatively low , high prices can get high profits.

I think that identity verification service should not take high fees policy.

First, the identity verification service is a convenient service will benefit the whole society, in the state, collectives and individuals of great benefit to the Government departments should make the service as the Government itself should perform the functions, or as a Government organized a public good and should not be a rich way. In other words, identity verification services should be the first social and economic benefits second. If the government thought of this, should not be worked out such a high price.

Second, the high charges of identity verification services to help the establishment of social credit system is not conducive to increasing social integrity. If at any time can be very easy to search for identity information is true, no one dare to forgery, using false identity cards to do unlawful things, social credibility will increase accordingly. The high fees will discourage the use of identity verification service.

Finally, I hope the Government can improve the overall situation of social, scientific and rational way to measure the cost of the verification system, through the development of fair and reasonable price, so that the whole community when needed for each molecule can be easy to use, so that citizenship information verification services can maximize the benefits.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Test emergency response capacity of cities: urban emergency on the road

April 1999, Premier Zhu Rongji when he was invited to visit the Chicago 911 center, Zhu Rongji that the U.S. 911 emergency system is a modern symbol of the city, he said Chicago Mayor Daley saying: "I hope you can The modern facilities introduced to China. "In the same year in October, Mayor Lin Guoqiang Shuaidui visit Nanning Chicago.

After nearly a year of deliberation, in May 2002, Nanning City Emergency Response System put into operation, this is our country into the first set of city emergency response system, China emergency systems Swagger excited to catch this opened the curtain.

In 2003, a public health emergency - SARS from spreading, the sting of people's nerves, but also tortured with a social response to sudden crisis, determination and ability. Since then, a series of strike out: in May, "Public Health Emergency Ordinance" published; in July, the state proposes to speed up construction of public emergency response mechanism to major issues, the State Council has set up a "setting up the public Events Working Group on Emergency Plan "; in September," Beijing contingency plan for SARS Prevention "published; Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Yangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and other places began to build linkage system.

Then in 2004, a provincial city emergency response focus of the work, in just two or three months, many cities are beginning to be launched emergency response.

January 2005, "the overall national public emergency contingency plan" allowed to pass through. July 22 ~ 23, the State Council held a national work conference on emergency management, emergency management in China include the regular, institutional and legal work of track.

January 8, 2006, the State Council issued "the overall national public emergency contingency plan", the State Council, relevant departments have prepared a special plan for national and sectoral plans; all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the provincial public emergency contingency plans in general have been completed.

In the same year in May, the State Department Office of Emergency Management (State Department duty officer's office) was established.

In recent days, according to information from the State Administration of Work Safety, in 2006, China has formulated contingency plans for more than 1.35 million pieces of various provinces (regions and municipalities) 97.9% of the city (prefecture) and 92.8% of the counties (cities) to develop overall emergency plan. Central business plan to develop up to 100%, most scale enterprises in high-risk industries have developed contingency plans. National Emergency Plan system has taken shape.

According to the China Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua University, director of the Center for Public Safety Research Professor Fan Weicheng, our country's emergency response system has been taking the forefront in developing countries, compared with developed countries, technically still a gap, but it must be able to catch up.

Impressive is gratifying, but facing a serious situation, we must be more forward.

Look at the focus of news since 2006, you will find that the Keywords: bird flu, took the lead Qi two drug counterfeiting drugs, a large area of Urumqi, stop heating, natural gas leak in Chongqing Kai County, encountered a wide range of cyanobacteria, Wuxi, Chongqing and many other cities subjected to flooding ... ... every outbreak of public emergency, are a test of the affordability of a city, but also warned that we can not have a shred of slack.

A local information office is responsible for building the city emergency response system, the person in charge has disclosed to the media throughout the emergency management office now has been established or are preparing to set up, the state also requires the establishment of cities throughout the emergency management system as soon as possible, "but the mode, choose any system, we have some confusion. we've been to Nanning, Yangzhou city to inspect, but after all, every city has its own situation, can not completely copy, how to come out of their way, we are actively exploring them. "

Recently, the "China Computer Newspaper," was held in the city emergency management roundtable forum, experts, enterprises and users around the city emergency management to discuss hot topics and made a city emergency management in the four major problems: how to achieve common and individual characteristics unity, how to promote the integration of emergency response resources, how to achieve industrialization and emergency and non-emergency operation, should the issue of integration. How to solve these problems, is definitely worth trying to find out in practice and innovation.

"Zuo," saying: be prepared, thought is well prepared, be prepared for. City Emergency, we are still on the road.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Graduates felt the "job card" applauded

Inscription: 11 at the end of the day, wrote at IDG point open "recruitment and training," Channel, saw a change from the People's Network to the "students for employment" zero salary "and other weird endless" article, I feel deep, After the article into a spit faster.

I have a few years because of their graduates more than Fair interview experience, graduates seeking jobs for college students out of "zero salary" and other weird quite an impression. To sum up, the move reflects the operation of university graduates want to own properly "married" off to find a good "husband" and the urgent desire and initiative.

Two or three years, our institutions of higher learning after the previous general enrollment students greeted one after another moment of graduation. Overall, college graduates in China is indeed "a lot more than just year after year", and the increase in the number of graduates is no doubt exacerbated by competition for jobs momentum. In "has a good job, good job," the good wishes behind a lot of difficulty also increases imperceptibly. In the sea of people in the job you want to force the spell of a "blood" Road to "Bole" a phase, graduates can no little thought and clever brains in your resume to dress, making arts and then to shine the personal album shoot DV and beauty, cosmetic and other inside and out, sparing no effort, a large number of students graduating from high consumption gave birth to overheat the economy, "industry", and its huge financial investment is often the average family or even the economy is relatively well-off families unbearable, but to the children's dreams, most of the graduates of the family and friends have had to bite the hardest hit. For example, resume, many students do not fear your r茅sum茅 is not fine is not high informative comparisons to blindly follow the trend, copying not work on the print, their design professionals to design poorly on the funding requested, actual results may often backfire. On the one hand, for the production of these resumes, graduates spend a lot a lot of money, but also take into account a lot of time, to a certain extent, affected the academic learning; the other hand, face a thick indeed, Zaza resume pile, the recruitment unit on behalf of the many sad too cheeky, very difficult to have the energy and time to look further, not to mention the personality who is also so and so impressed, and finally drop out elaborate resume not produce the desired in effect is not surprising that eventually came to nothing, it makes sigh.

"'Hello, this is my business card, please contact me!' Battle in this year's graduates in the job, self-introduction, the first full business card handed personality, a new wave of graduates seeking jobs, not help people before us a light. ... ... "When I read the text content, whom could not help but applaud.

Why such a fuss miles? Let me talk about employment card itself. The author nearly two years at several universities as well as the talent market will run on (Graduate Employment Fair) is to see that these job cards greeting card style, most common business card size, its a personal resume, a former post, Awards, contact information clear and concise, some of them posted personal photos, both drill and very fresh. After careful observation I found that this seemingly ordinary "job card" in fact there are a lot of stress, contains a lot of doorways, and strive to Make it personal between the square inch and features many "job card" ingenuity alone Design and production with the flexibility to reflect the wisdom of some graduates. This is in close personal and professional characteristics, corporate culture, is particularly significant. For example, some art Xi'an graduates of professional art design their own signature to express individuality; Department of Chinese Mou Health unusual vertical with the current way of business card paper use the advanced coated paper, with the color yellow, Shide card antique, very arrests the eye; a candidate foreign students, foreign language used in the job search business card, but also cleverly added a few words of foreign Folk Proverbs motivational, very choose the easy way out to meet the employer's culture.

Let me say from the job search business card reflects a job in the new concept. As the article said that professional planners from the past, the blind pursuit of large and transition to a focused, shows students an idea of job progress and breakthrough. But at the same time, I have a rather strong feeling that "construction of a conservation society" is the theme of today's China the demand of the times, how the chorus and the resume and be "thin" to do "Jane" and other issues now attracted a lot of graduates of positive thinking, "job card" phenomenon reflects the strong demand for graduates well-echo times, the simple one "job card" to a large extent graduates seeking jobs saved input costs, such as time of investment, capital investments. In addition, the "job card" also reflects the graduates entering the workplace to the community's strong sense of responsibility and strong self-confidence, which will no doubt accelerate the process of vocational graduates.

On the appeal by the author to graduate "job card" applauded.


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Taobao Alipay betrayal?

Filed Taobao, will invariably think of Alipay. Impression seems to be Taobao Alipay exclusive means of payment for online shopping for the escort. However, this impression should be corrected down. What happened the last three months show that Po seems to have paid "grown up", "independence":

In August, in conjunction with China Netcom, to create a new era of broadband fees paid line

July, together outstanding Amazon, into the B2C area

June, reached a strategic partnership with Dell, you can use Alipay to buy from Dell Computer of the

Three things seem normal, in fact, have a deeper meaning behind it.

Join hands with China Netcom, the team can be considered for the future buried treasure to pay a hint. Netcom users now pay online through Alipay only net costs, but the future then? With China Telecom to hit "My e-Home" Internet sharing program different, Netcom to focus more on the follow-up online services. "Broadband Business", "CNCMAX broadband my world", "Golden Club", "10060" and is its representative. These services can not always be a free meal, Netcom, but also as its profit forecast. Then, when the service improved, user training up, and Netcom to how to make it easier for users to pay all the expenses? The answer is: pay!

The work great Amazon, it means Alipay the "past" and "betrayal" - and it is great Amazon competitor Taobao, one of Amazon's excellent work to some extent on the means and Taobao enemies! But if there is no "betrayal", then payment will treasure forever be a disgrace to an "open platform" position!

As with the Dell reached a strategic cooperation agreement that paper, you can hand in as a team Alipay out of one test score, who is Dell. With expertise in e-commerce known to Dell's "Points", I believe no one would question Alipay the field today in the third party payment accomplishments. Dell already has a mature business model in the case, still need to pay the third party payment partner Po such support, but also a way, that the third party payment is for.

In fact, Baidu casual look, you can know Alipay tentacles now stretch how fast. Or say it with numbers: At present, support the use of external Alipay service number has more than 460,000 businesses, covering airfare, virtual games, digital communications and business services sectors. Deadline May 6, 2008, Paypal registered users has reached 80 million, the total number of visitors has more than 1 / 3. The faster than expected. Some analysts said Alipay break 100 million this year the number of users has no suspense.

Even more shocking is that, Paypal is not only a partner in the business enterprise. Shaoguan in Guangdong, to participate in the social security of the people already started to pay health insurance pay for treasure; in Zhejiang, many places have to pay road maintenance fees can be paid a treasure.

Taobao is now treasure for the payment of "just one of the largest customers," unconsciously, Taobao Alipay the former "brother" really grown up!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Combo drive and repair of and summary

Shortly after the warranty period for two months, the author of the Samsung Combo SM-352 (2MB cache) on the out of order. Began in the BIOS sometimes does not recognize, and later sometimes even to recognize, however, was identified in the Windows CD, read the disk error. Herbalife used to take account of the total time is not long, that should not be so quickly broken

Fault: just after the warranty period for two months, the author of the Samsung Combo SM-352 (2MB cache) on the out of order. Began in the BIOS sometimes does not recognize, and later sometimes even to recognize, however, was identified in the Windows CD, read the disk error. Herbalife used to take account of the total time is not long, that should not be so quickly broken, so suspect a problem with motherboard IDE Interface - for another interface, suspect data line problem - replace the data cable, but still no solve the problem, occasionally a good look soon not do. Recently spent five consecutive late moment, aware of the combo is over, forced to buy only the first BenQ DW-1640DVD recorder emergency. As has been 杩囦簡淇濅慨鏈? maintenance costs will be higher, since DVD burners are, and also to pay repair Herbalife? Try as their own.


1. Open Herbalife's tray, tray under the first baffle, and pay attention to plastic cards not broken; then they withdrew the Herbalife panel.

2. Unscrew the four screws, remove the metal case, can see the shaved head components and circuit boards. Herbalife clean inside, outside is new, shaved head is also clear, plug in the power, skinhead movement twice Seeker correct, laser normal light (Do not look directly at laser with your eyes, shaved head side to see a red flash on good). I did not go to adjust the laser power, but to carefully remove the concept of circuit board inspection, and then wash your hands before touching the circuit elements (static over the winter to prevent the breakdown PCB on IC). Combined with the previous analysis of phenomena, it is the poor contact? This common fault, however, the power and data lines from the start pad.

3. Tools: 20W electric soldering iron, conditional on the ground. Quickly to the power connector and data cable and circuit board solder re-solder again, do not make up solder.

4. Access to the computer test. BIOS successfully identified a combo, also recognized the right in Windows, burn a data disk, verify the correct, sure is a IDE interface, loose weld and repair.


As the DIY, often swap hard disk drives and the passage of time will give rise to loose weld, while the Samsung SM-352's power connector and data cable is directly soldered circuit board, plug easily cause frequent loose soldering. This reminds me of my previous damaged Maxtor 541DX hard drive failure phenomenon similar to the computer market at that time to repair, plug in the power, hear the hard drive motor rotation, it said can not repair. I think that is the problem then the circuit should be able to repair; although I doubt they explain, but it also had to give up on one side, the hard disk would be a reason? Find out the hard disk and found the same with the Samsung combo, power connector and data cable is directly soldered on the circuit board, next door, and the hard disk has successfully revived, formatted properly used.

Summary: DIYer found hard disk drive or read and write error, have noted the power lines and data lines, but little to check the IDE drive or hard disk interface, in this regard is the warranty time frame yet to come, worried that they moved manufacturers do not warranty, on the other hand, they also think that the hard disk even after complex no start. In fact, as long as the CD-ROM or hard disk is not convinced that burned hot, and occasionally can read or write, mostly caused by loose soldering or poor contact. To sum it up: plug the interface often prone to loose weld failure.



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Sunday, July 25, 2010

S1500 entry-level disk array read is cost-effective

The past two years, entry-level storage products more competitive market, competition is the focus of who can provide more cost-effective products. NEC S1500 Although the market for entry-level disk array fiber-optic products, but standard high-speed 4Gbps FC host interface, not only have all the advantages of S1400, and the cache capacity can be expanded to twice the S1400, that is 4GB, in a significant performance upgrade while maintaining the entry-level products should be ultra-high performance cost ratio.

NEC believes that as HBA, switch and the various storage vendors support to the growing 4G, 4G has wide application build a good platform. 4G products will not only be promoted in large enterprises, universal, even in entry-level market, will result in higher cost to the product advantage, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of their products. S1500 standard configuration up to 400MB / s high-speed 4Gbps FC host interface, even connect multiple servers, it can achieve high speed response. It is through the FC / SATA disk mix interpolation function to achieve low-cost backup and archiving technology, is a full account of customer needs, deserved the high cost entry-level storage products.

NEC S1500 addition to the old unique RAID 6, Dynamic Pool, Phoenix, dynamic data replication, dynamic snapshot, FC / SATA mixed interpolation and other advanced storage technology, but also supports dynamic data replication - the dynamic snapshot links the latest technology, is economical and practical to deploy storage solutions work group or small-scale sector organizations ideal. S1500 with advanced RAID 6 technology, through the double parity, significantly increased the reliability and availability of storage devices. During RAID 6 configuration, S1500 can easily use the Dynamic Pool function of the capacity to change the logical disk, without prejudice to other business cases, freely and efficiently as needed to create logical disks. S1500 with mature NEC Phoenix patented technology, can be slow on the response to the hard disk to a temporary separation, and automatic implementation of the hard disk scan, such as scanning results showed that there is no fault or failure to change can be restored, then the return to the original RAID hard disk, thus greatly reduce the rate of hard disk replacement. Meanwhile, the use of Phoenix technology, also enables the server to minimize the occurrence of slow access.

S1500 S1400 inherits the excellent design of the controller in the 3U unit, up to 15 hard drives installed. Cascade counters in the optional disk unit, can be installed up to 15 hard drives, and allows up to three disk cabinet to cascade, resulting in only 12U of rack space, provides up to 17.6TB of storage capacity.

In addition to the powerful outside, S1500 can also provide dynamic data replication, snapshots and other dynamic data replication capabilities, and dynamic data replication - the dynamic snapshot link function. Replication through a variety of data in close collaboration, we can fully meet the low-cost high-speed backup and backup needs.

NEC took the lead in the entry-level product support 4G interface technology, for the S1500 to give a higher cost performance advantages. I believe in 2006 in the low-end storage market, S1500 will accomplish much.

Located in the low-end enterprise applications


鈻?Standard features / specifications reference

Model name


Host Interface

4Gbps Fibre Channel

The number of host ports

4 Interface


Maximum physical capacity

2GB - 4GB (1GB - 2GB / controller)

Battery backup time

Maximum 72 hours (with optional battery)

Support RAID levels

RAID-0, 1, 5, 10, 50, 6

Storage Capacity * 1

300GB hard drive, optical fiber


Maximum support for 13.8 TB

147GB hard drive, optical fiber


6.8 TB maximum support

73GB hard drive, optical fiber


3.4 TB maximum support

400GB SATA hard drive


Maximum support for 17.6 TB

The number of hard disk drives

300 / 147 / 73 / 400GB hard drive

3 - 60

Hard disk drive specifications

Hard Drive Interface

2Gbps Fibre Channel / 1.5Gbps SATA

Capacity * 1

(After formatting)

300GB hard drive, optical fiber

288.0 GB

147GB hard drive, optical fiber

142.9 GB

73GB hard drive, optical fiber

71.6 GB

400GB SATA hard drive

393.2 GB


300GB hard drive, optical fiber

10,000 rpm

147GB hard drive, optical fiber

10,000 rpm / 15,000 rpm

73GB hard drive, optical fiber

10,000 rpm / 15,000 rpm

400GB SATA hard drive

7,200 rpm

Support the operating system * 2

HP-UX, Solaris,

Windows2000, Windows2003

Linux, AIX

Chassis Dimensions

(W x D x H)

Disk Array Controller Unit

482 x 596 x 131 mm

Cascade chassis unit disk

482 x 594 x 131 mm

EIA Standard Height

纾佺洏闃靛垪鎺у埗鍣ㄥ崟鍏?br />





纾佺洏闃靛垪鎺у埗鍣ㄥ崟鍏?br />

涓嶈秴杩?45 kg


涓嶈秴杩?45 kg


AC100 鈥?240V, 50/60Hz


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